Step by step instructions on changing Computer Case

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I'm planning to change my computer case myself, this will be the very first time I will change my computer case.

Can anyone send a good website link on how to do it step by step or a detailed way on how to do it.



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Step by step instructions on changing Computer Case



Replacing computer casing is no easy task. It requires concentration and good in following steps such as 1-2-3. You need to have Tools for and guts to take the damaged casing out of your computer.

You did provide a good website that provides step by steps, in detailed information in how to take the casing out of your PC.

I have here my ways to replace damaged computer case

Tools needed

  • Screw driver, star screw or flat..
  • Scissor for cutting

How to do it

  • Unscrew all screw star in your computer casing using counter clockwise
  • Rotate the screw until it is unscrewed
  • Remove all computer hardware components inside
  • Reattached computer components in the right spot, alignment is the key to properly install hardware
  • Wires has to be in the right slots, reconnect cables
  • Screw it all back to closed computer casing
  • Switch on computer and if driver is needed to re-install, then insert the CD to do so

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Step by step instructions on changing Computer Case


Replacing a Computer Case
Before you start changing the computer case, you need all the tools necessary to unscrew and screw it back such as; screw driver, scissors, driller, plier etc.
Select a new case for your computer. Computer cases are available in two main designs: desktop and tower. Choose a case depending on the configuration and color that match your computer. Consider the size of your machine, cover color and it's upgrade factor.

  • Ensure that your computer is switched off. Let all the components cool down. Carefully unplug all cables attached to the computer.
  • You should be very careful and take note of where (drives/board) cables are removed for easy replacement.
  • Use the "+" screwdriver to open the existing computer case. Rotate the screwdriver counter-clockwise to loosen the screws.
  • Slowly remove the case from the rest of the assembly.
  • Take the new case and align it with your CPU. Push the new case gently and align it till you hear a "snap" sound. This will ensure the case has been placed in the correct position.
  • Reattach all the screws that you removed earlier. Rotate the screws clockwise and tighten them.
  • Reconnect all the cables in their respective slots.
  • Switch on the computer and check to see if your machine is working properly.

Should in case you have problem connecting the drives, see for more details.

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