How to change desktop environment of ubuntu 12.04?

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I am a former user of Ubuntu 10.04 which has a super friendly desktop environment. It already display all the icons in the menu bar, while here in Ubuntu 12.04. It displays limited icons only. I also need to enter a certain keyword first in order to go to an specific application. Can someone help me to change this environment?

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How to change desktop environment of ubuntu 12.04?


Hi Ellimac2603,

The Unity interface which is the default interface of Ubuntu 12.04 isn't actually the best that Ubuntu came with. That is why you have the option to use other Interfaces which can replace Unity. GNOME, LXDE, LUbuntu Desktop, XFCE, XUbuntu-Desktop, MATE, Cinnamon, KDE, Kubuntu.

You can get every one of those interfaces through Ubuntu Software Center by searching its name. Each one of those interfaces occupies a different amount of your hard disk memory. So you can choose the one that better suites your needs or the one you feel more comfortable working with.

Hope this helps you.

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