How can view Japanese Characters using a text editor?

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I am a Java programmer and I have written a program to write Japanese letters in a file as below.

Charset cs = Charset.forName("UTF-8");

String PATH = "C:/tmp/test-file.htm" ;
String STR = "some Japanese text here…";

OutputStreamWriter osw = new OutputStreamWriter(
new FileOutputStream(PATH), cs);
osw.write( STR);

How can I view this using a text editor? What are the free editors support Unicode characters?

I cannot display using notepad.



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How can view Japanese Characters using a text editor?


Hello James,

I can't verify your source code since I'm not a Java programmer. But if your concern is just a text editor that can display characters of different character sets and encoding then I gladly suggest Notepad++. It's freeware and offers a lot more than Windows' default text editor Notepad.

If you want to check it out, here's their homepage:

Here's the official documentation on Encoding that are supported in Notepad++

I added below a screenshot of Notepad++'s Encoding and Character Sets from the menu. You can convert from one encoding to another. The Japanese character set that it supports is Shift-JIS only.  But if you are programming for Windows then Shift-JIS should be ok for most purposes.

Windows' default text editor Notepad

Here it is in action with Japanese text:

Windows' default text editor Notepad

Hope this helps!

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How can view Japanese Characters using a text editor?


I’m sorry but it will not really display in Microsoft Notepad because the program doesn’t have an option to select in Japanese character sets. Since you are also a programmer that codes using Java, you can use Notepad++. It is a multi-purpose text editor that can be used in writing source codes and understands many different programming languages.

You can download the latest version from Notepad++ Home. Since you are coding in Java, you can set Notepad++ to use the Java programming language. To do this, in Notepad++, click Language, point to letter J, and select Java.

Now, to use the Japanese character set so you can view Japanese characters and symbols, in Notepad++, click Encoding, point to “Character sets”, Japanese, and select “Shift-JIS”.

You should now be able to view Japanese characters and symbols on the editor. To set Notepad++ to use another programming language, click on the Language menu and browse on the different letters related to the programming language.

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