Is java a complete OOP language?

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They say Java is not a complete object oriented language.

I was wondering why java is not a complete OOP language?

Can you answer my question?

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Is java a complete OOP language?


For an Object Oriented Programming language,

There are six conditions,
1. Encapsulation is maintained.
2. Polymorphism is obtained
3. Inheritance is possible
4. All predefined types are objects.
5. All operations are done by sending messages to objects.
6. All user defined types are objects.
All the above, like Encapsulation is obtained by classes.
Polymorphism by virtual keyword
Inheritance is maintained
Any data type created by user / coder is an object.
But in Java, The two features Predefined types are not objects like int, char, float, Boolean, double, long, etc.
And that the objects are used with operations by sending messages and also by updating data elements directly.
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Is java a complete OOP language?


Hello Elvis,

Java is not a pure object oriented language. A pure Object Oriented Language is something which implements all the OOP concepts. Include these in your considerations. 

Java doesn't support Multiple inheritance (it provide Multiple inheritance through interfaces, it is partially implemented because interfaces can't contain method definition),

It doesn't support Operator overloading as well.

Also Java is not fully object oriented because it support static variable and if we are using static function or static variable then we can't call that function or variable by using dot(.) or class object.

Cause of these facts, java is not 100% Object Oriented, but for a great deal it is. 

Hope you will clear your doubts.

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