How can remove added word from fire fox?

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Please tell me how to remove an added word from the fire fox spelling dictionary?

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How can remove added word from fire fox?


You can simply eliminate the added word from the Firefox spelling dictionary if you exercise the Microsoft word. The steps to do this are following;

  • Click the start menu then click on run and type here %APPDATA% and click on ok button. You can see different folders in the new window.
  • Click on Mozilla after this click on Firefox and then Profile.
  • Open this default folder where xxxxxxxx could be something such as yicjwewa.
  • Right-click on the files and chooses open with. To open the file and choose Wordpad as the file Choose a program from the list you want to use to open the file.
  • You can also exercise other one text editor if you have. You can delete the misspelled word which is located.
  • Just confirm to delete the line it was on and do not run off an unfilled line.


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How can remove added word from fire fox?



Firefox comes with its own spellchecker which helps you check the spelling as you type. If you happen to enter a misspelled word, it will be highlighted with a light red underline. But if you are sure that the word you just typed is correct, you can add it on the Firefox dictionary by right clicking on it then selecting Add to Dictionary.

The built-in spellchecker isn’t perfect just like us humans and we can’t always rely on it. It misses lots of commonly used words like technical terms [e.g. screenshot, webpage] and words we use in day-to-day language. If you are not sure whether the spellchecker is activated or not, you can always check on it by clicking Tools, Options, Advanced then checking Check my spelling as I type. To edit the words in the Firefox dictionary, here’s how:

  • Depending on the operating system you are using. In Windows 7, click Start then enter %AppData% on the search box. In Windows XP, click Start, Run then type %AppData% then hit Enter.

  • In Windows 7, the result will display the Roaming folder but the result is different in Windows XP. Whichever you see, go to Roaming, Mozilla, Firefox, Profiles.

  • Inside the Profiles folder, you will see a folder with a “.default” as extension. Double-click on it to go inside the folder.

  • Inside the folder, find the “persdict.dat” file then open it in notepad. Add the words one by one in a separate line. Save and close it when finished.

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