How can I use german hotkeys for protoss?

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I want to use German hotkeys for protoss.

But I can not do it. How can I do it?

Would you please suggest me the way I can use it appropriately?

Tell me in detail.


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How can I use german hotkeys for protoss?



Try these Hot Keys. It really works.

Cybernetics Core
W – Air Weapons
A – Air Armor
S – Singularity Charge
Citadel of Adun

L – Leg Enhancements
Robotics Support Bay

S – Scarab Damage
C – Increase Reaver Capacity
G – Gravitic Drive
Templar Archives

P – Psionic Storm
H – Hallucination
K – Khaydarin Amulet
M – Mind Control
E – Maelstrom
T – Argus Talisman

Fleet Beacon

A – Apial Sensors
G – Gravitic Thrusters
C – Increase Carrier Capacity
D – Disruption Web
J – Argus Jewel


G – Gravitic Booster
S – Sensor Array

Arbiter Tribunal

R – Recall.
S – Stasis Field.
K – Khaydarin Core.

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