Why HTML image links are not working on blogger?

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Hi guys, I'm using blogger since 2 years and never had any problem though in the starting days I was completely new to blogger and did not even know that little html knowledge is required here but as a web programming student I managed to use it I do all the text and image links my self on blogger platform and don't have any problem until today that my html image links are not working specially the new one's I checked all the html codes again and again everything is correct but still the links are not workin.Please help me solve this

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Why HTML image links are not working on blogger?



Make sure that the HTML code is written correctly. Here’s the prototype of HTML image hyperlinking.

<a href="default.asp">

  <img src="smiley.gif" alt="HTML tutorial" style="width:42px;height:42px;border:0">


Where “<default.asp>” is the URL where the image hyperlink will target. The “smiley.gif” is the place where the image file will be. If it’s on a web page, paste the image’s URL.

This example is taken from W3Schools. Make sure that there’s no wrong with the HTML code.

If you’re not very much expert with web development, you should use the default editor to hyperlink your images.

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