How can I safely overclock my MSI N240 gt 512mb ddr5

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I just upgraded my PC with a new video card, MSI N240 gt 512mb DDR5. Some of the games work flawlessly, but the others still freeze. I've read that games like GTA 4 and Fable 3 needs a better GPU. The thing is that my Video card is capable of over clocking but I am a bit worried about the risk if ever something went wrong. Can anyone help me over clock my GPU safely? Thanks

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How can I safely overclock my MSI N240 gt 512mb ddr5


For MSI Graphics cards, there is a utility called "MSI Afterburner".

It supposedly has what you'll need in order to overclock your graphics card: 

  1. Overclocking controls
  2. Over-voltage controls
  3. Fan speed control
  4. Monitoring of clock speed, voltages, fan speed

Of course, you have to realize that there is always that risk of frying your hardware while trying to "squeeze" that extra performance out of your graphics card.

If you are really intent on overclocking, then take all necessary precautions by doing it a little at a time making sure your system is rock-stable before stepping it up to the next level. Hope this helps.

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