How can I repair boot sector error USB?

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I need your help to get rid of the problem. I want to know how I can repair boot sector error usb. Please, tell me in detail as I can do it easily. Please, show me the easiest way as possible because I’m a beginner.


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How can I repair boot sector error USB?



First thing you need to do is know what is the drive your USB is using. Go to my computer, check what letter is your USB drive, that would be under devices and removable storage. That drive will possibly be  "D:" , "E:" , "F:", "G:", "H:" or until "Z:" depending on the drives you have. Just take note of the drive where your USB.

Next is go to your start button, type in  "command" in the search bar and click command prompt on the results. In older version of windows you need to click start run and type "command" and click ok.

After that, a black box will popup, that is the called the command prompt.

Type in "chkdsk" <drive letter> /f 

ex. if your drive letter is e: your need to exactly type this:

chkdsk e: /f

After you typed that in press "Y" if prompted.

And that should fix your issue. Let me know if that works.




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