How to make bootable removable device like USB disk

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I am always having this problem of losing my operating system. My computer have a usual crashing sickness. Maybe its because I am very careless when it comes to downloading Software's, and other particulars with regards to computer. And also my kids usually play games online and they accidentally hit something on my machine that causes it to suddenly stop working. Oftentimes, I payed for an expert technician to fix the problem.

I am using an ASUS Essentio CG8350-06 Desktop, Processor Family Intel Core i7, with 8Gb of RAM and storage capacity of 1000Gb, Graphics Card Intel HD Graphics 2000 with Windows 7 Home Premium. This desktop is really for gaming purpose and just for some social networking websites. 

What I want to know is how can I make a bootable disk for me to use when my computer crashes again? It was because most of the time, when it crash, the computer cannot boot from its installation or recovery disk.  And I want to fix it by myself.

I want to make a ghost program and a bootable USB or pen drive. Can someone give me a step by step procedure?

I tried making a bootable USB using an 8Gb USB stick, but I did not succeeded. I am having problems with the CD BOOT command.(or maybe I am not just a PRO).

I could not locate the correct drive for cd boot command where E: is the drive for my CD/DVD ROM, I don't know but I am having an error that the computer could not find Drive E or something like that.

If you know what I mean please reply and I will really, really appreciate it. Thank you.

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How to make bootable removable device like USB disk


Microsoft has a tool for this it is available for download here.

Following steps are required to follow to make a bootable USB flash drive for the installation of windows 7 OS. You need to have a flash drive with minimum storage capacity of 4 GB and Microsoft Windows 7 setup disk or ISO image.
Format the USB flash drive by using disk part utility:

  • Plug in your USB Flash Drive into your PC
  • Being an administrator open command prompt  by (clicking on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt and select “Run as administrator” by right clicking Command Prompt)
  • By typing the following into the Command Prompt window locate which number your USB Drive is:

disk part

list disk

  • It will list the numbers of your drives. Find your USB flash drive by its size (in KB).  Its assumed here that the USB flash drive is disk A.
  • In order to properly format the drive, type the instructions into the same command prompt window. Replace the number “A” with the number of your disk below.

select disk A


create partition primary

select partition A


format fs=NTFS



  • Now you will have a formatted USB flash drive and the next step is to make it bootable.

Making a bootable USB Flash Drive by using bootsect utility:

By sing the same command prompt window as is step 1.

  • Insert your Windows 7 DVD into your CD drive.
  • Change directory to the DVD’s boot directory where bootsect is (which in you case is E:)


cd e:boot

  • Use bootsect to set the USB as a bootable NTFS drive. Assume that your USB flash drive has been labeled disk F: by your computer:
  • Type in the same command prompt window (note: /nt52 is used for older windows like XP)
  • bootsect /nt60 F:
  • Close the command prompt window.

Copy Windows 7 to USB

Copy the Windows 7 DVD contents to the formatted flash disk (as they are).

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How to make bootable removable device like USB disk


I followed your step by step procedure and successfully create a bootable USB flash disk with Windows 7. 

I really appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot.

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How to make bootable removable device like USB disk


Hello Anne,

To make a bootable CD so that you can use it to load the OS when yours system crashes, you will need the following items:

  • An original copy of windows CD/DVD or an ISO.
  • A copy of Boot file that you can download from the internet which you can download from the following: ( ~1.34KB). Once the boot files have downloaded extract them to COSBoot folder
  • You will also need a minimum of 5 GB hard disk space to hold the data from the CDs/DVDs

Once you have all that set, you will create a folder called OS on your hard drive which should be C;, then create there a two sub-folder called BOOT, and ROOT.
After that you will need to copy the entire Windows OS CD into folder that you labeled  ROOT, and then click on the ISO tab. Done with that, do the following:

  • Set File name Length for the OS.
  • Set the Format to Mode 1.
  • Set Character Set to ISO 9660 (standard ISO CD-ROM).
  • Check all Relax ISO Restrictions for the OS that you are making bootable.

You will have successfully creates a bootable CD, and you can use it any time your computer crashes.


Mahesh Babu

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