How can I install Adobe Photoshop Twain Plugin Para CS6?

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How can I run Adobe Photoshop Twain Plugin Para CS6 on my personal computer? I have tried to run it but I do not get any information whether it has completed the process successfully or not; it is also not giving the required functionalities. This is a plugin that has been tested and run on other machines but my computer won't just accept it. I really need this plugin. What can I do to have it running?

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How can I install Adobe Photoshop Twain Plugin Para CS6?


Hi Gregory,  

for installing Adobe Photoshop Twain plugin for CS6, make sure that you are installing twain plugin for Photoshop CS6 and not  from Photoshop CS5 downloads. Also check also your OS, if your  using windows, ensure that your OS is in 32-bit-mode because Twain will not work in Photoshop if it's running 64-bit-mode. But if your using MAC OS,you can use the twain plug-in to scan when using Photoshop CS6 which runs in 64-bit-mode. some scanner manufacturers have not release yet 64-bit versions of their scanner drivers,you need to contact your scanner manufacturer for this support.

There are Twain plug-ins available with other optional plug-ins for Photoshop CS6,you may refer to links below:

For Mac OS:
For Windows:
after downloading,the correct file, double click the file to unzip and extract the files.




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