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How can I fix a computer when its lag?

Last night, I played online game while I'm playing I noticed that the was slow moving every time I moved the mouse and sometimes paused for a minute and then after a minute it will moved again. I cannot played well so what I did was I reboot my computer and wait for it to finished rebooting.

When its already I immediately open my game to played again. I thought it was okay already but while playing with it for about 30 minutes it suddenly paused again. I decided to turned it off. How can I fix my computer when its lag?

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There are many factors affecting the slow performance of your computer or the lag problem while playing any games specially the 3d games which uses a lot of your computer resources. Probably while you are playing an online game your anti-virus run an auto-update that cause lag to your game, the anti virus connecting through internet does not slow your computer, the downloading and installing will cause lag to your game making your character in a slow motion manner. You’ll just have to wait until your anti-virus completed the update process.

When you don’t want to be interrupted by this updates then you’ll just have to disable the auto update of your anti virus, but this will make your computer prone to online threats.

  • Another cause of this lag issue is with your internet connection. Probably while you are playing your favorite game your ISP might have gone to a certain problem or maintenance that makes your internet connection fluctuates. When an internet connection fluctuates this will make your game experience a time gap through the server making it look like a lag, you cannot your character for a period of time. If this connection issue still occurs then you might have to call your ISP to report or fix this kind of problem.
  • If your internet connection is doing fine, then the problem is on the server side. The game provider might have a problem on their server; the capacity of a server might have reached its maximum allowed players that can connect that is why you experience lag. You cannot do anything on this problem if it is server side, the game provider should add another server to accumulate all the players.
  • Another factor that may be responsible on lag issue is a malware, virus, spyware, or Trojan can make your computer slow. A Trojan will connect it self to the internet and will download more malware to your computer or will send information directly to the creator of this malware. This activity will result lag to your online game. If your computer has been infected with this kind of malware then the only thing you can do is to have a full scan on your computer system. This virus, Trojan or spyware uses a huge amount of your memory and CPU.
  • Consider all of these factors that may affect your computer activity, specially your online games, for you to be able to solve this lag issues. Have an optimization software installed on your computer to make your computer run faster if the problem is based on your computer. If the problem lies to your internet connection, call a customer service either to your ISP or the game provider.

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You should have included the specifications of your computer and the system requirements of the online game you play. System requirements play a vital role in these issue. Now, there are factors to consider in the system requirements. They are the CPU, RAM, Video/Video adapters also know as video card, Sound and internet connection speed.

Try to do some research of the requirements of that online game you are playing. Just Google it and type the title of the game + system requirements. When done, compare it with your system if it meets those requirements.

Note there are two kinds of system requirements. They are the minimum system requirements and the recommended system requirements. Just aim for the recommended system requirements. If your pc belongs to the minimum system requirements then you will be experiencing those lag problems very frequently.

If it is with the recommended, you can play well but might cause to lag sometimes when there are too many players online or during peak hours. It is better to play online games with your system requirements above the recommended. Hope you get the picture of the above information.

Good Luck.