How can get solve my WiFi connectivity problem?

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I bought new Belkin Wifi Router but I am running into a problem with connectivity. My desktop is able to connect via cable but I am unable to connect through Wifi. Do I need to install a new software or hardware?

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How can get solve my WiFi connectivity problem?


Hi there,

I think you need help regarding connectivity through Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi or wireless fidelity is most common used Wireless LAN technology after its invention had done a boom in the techno market worldwide.
Its seems your internet connection is working correctly because you can connect your PC via cable and it works OK.So the problem is with  WiFi alone. After all a wireless network or ANY kind of wireless stuff WHATEVER it is require mainly two things

1.Transmitter(one that sends data)

2.Receiver(the one that receives data)

Now you have bought a transmitter ,but in order to use it in your PC you need to get a Receiver if you don't have yet.Buy a Wireless USB adapter .Try searching in EBAY or any other retailer outlet.


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How can get solve my WiFi connectivity problem?


 Hi Quinn Humphry

Hope you installed the Belkin router properly, anyway if you did this successfully have you tried disabling the firewall on the wired computer?

If none of it works the try to configure the setting by stepping it down to G or B/G mixed, then the 3 will automatically connect on the router.

Lastly just plugged a Belkin USB Network Adapter to the wired PC to make it wireless.

Then unplugged the cable that ran from the PC to the router so obviously the only cable left connected is the cable connecting from the router was the inputs from the satellite modem.


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