How to be paint application master?

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All my friends love to paint using an application in the computer and I am very interested also to be part of them but before anything else I need your help to get some video tutorials on how to be paint application master? For I have to give too much effort of studying all the techniques before becoming a pro. I hope you can give me your best advice regarding this matter.

Thank you.

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How to be paint application master?


Hello Jeffrey,


So you love painting using computer application that is very cool! painting is a very creative and interesting work but When you are talking about digital painting then text-based tutorials are not the total guidance most of people. It is quite difficult to get an intuitive feel for digital painting by just reading out that how other works, instead of this, it helps us to see what they are doing actually.  When we talk about

Digital painting tutorial videos then there are two types: 


1) Time-lapsed. 

2) Real-time.  


In a time lapsed, the artist shows their work process entirely, but everything is sped up that is why the video does not become too much lengthy.  The flow of work is quite easy to follow, but it is not possible to see every brush stroke made.  In the real-time, although, the artist can show each and every brush stroke and explain that why they are placing strokes in some specific places.  Off course, these videos can become large quickly, so usually it covers only a specific technique, element or area. Here is a URL for Videos related to digital painting Videos

Check it.


Hope it would be very useful for you 

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