How to apply formulas to more pages?

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I have an excel file which includes more than hundred spread sheets. All these sheets include customer details and all are in a same format.

Now I want to add some formulas to all these sheets. But it takes a long time to copy and paste these formulas to all pages.

So, how can I apply a same formula to all sheets at once. Could you help me?

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How to apply formulas to more pages?


At Microsoft excel any entering; editing, typing inserting etc. Can be done by selecting multiple or all sheets in a file.

I will explain it through an example.

Before you apply this method you have to make sure that any spread sheet is not protected.

First right click on a sheet name. Please see the image below.

Then click on the select all Sheets. Then the background color on the sheet name will be more lighten.

Now you can enter any formula that you want to apply.

Background Color

 These formulas will be applied to all sheets as follows.

Formula for all Sheets

However, if you enter any data which is relevant to one sheet, then you have to ungroup sheets as follows.

Right click on a sheet name and click ungroup sheets.

Un-group sheets
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How to apply formulas to more pages?


Try right-clicking on the “sheet tab” at the lower left corner of your excel. If I’m not mistaken these formulas are separate from the data itself right? If so, select the “select all sheets” options after right-clicking on the “sheet tab”. This will tell you that you have grouped the sheets and that's what you do to any sheet in the workbook does the same for the other sheets as well. Hope this helps.

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