How am I learn visual c?

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I didn't know c and c language?

Visual basic also i don't know?

How am i study/learn Visual C in easy?

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How am I learn visual c?



Hope I can help you

Before you begin to learn the different language in programming, you must understand first how to design the flow chart. It is the easy way to start up the language.

Here are some codes and  definition of the C language..

main() – main module of the program

printf –  use to display data

%d – numeric display in decimal

n – move to a new line

; – statements terminator

/* */ – comments

#include – tells the C compiler to use the standard input/output functions defined in the file (stdio.h)

scanf – uses to assign values.

I will give you different codes for C

example 1

#include <stdio.h>

int main()


printf (*welcome to Cn*);

return 0;


OUTPUT:  welcome to C

example 2


int main()


printf ("The answer is: ");

printf ("%dn", 5+7);


OUTPUT: The answer is : 12

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How am I learn visual c?


Since you want to learn the C language as well as Visual C++, I’ll list below some of the websites that offer tutorial on C language:

  • Home and Learn – Stay at Home and Learn | Visual C# .NET Programming – they are aimed on teaching perfect beginners, those individuals who really doesn’t have any background about programming. You don’t need to purchase anything to begin the course. You can use the free Microsoft Visual Basic Express Edition. It is available at Home and Learn | Free C# and Visual Basic .NET Courses.
  • MSDN | C# Tutorials – contains different tutorials on constructing basic application. It provides the basics of the programming language and classifies important features. Every tutorial available on the site provides one or several program samples.

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