How Adobe Support Advisor detects problem?

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I am in the middle of Adobe Acrobat X Pro installation when I encountered a problem stating “Installer failed to initialize. File not found. And it says to download the Adobe Support Advisor for the problem detection.

My concern is what is the Adobe Support Advisor?

What is this program or whatever rules in my installation?

Is this free? Where can I download it?

We’ve encountered the following Issues:

Installer failed to initialize. File not found.

Please download Adobe Support Advisor to detect the problem.

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How Adobe Support Advisor detects problem?


Hi, Berna.

When we got failure in installation of adobe products, the Adobe Support Advisor (ASA) will analyze installation log files of unsuccessful installation and the product system information. It will detects any errors during failed installations from Creative Suite 3, 4, 5, 5,5 , or Technical Communication Suite 3 products.
This program will provide you any help like online documentation or give troubleshooting process to assist you in specific steps for correcting installation issues

You can download this ASA program for free here

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How Adobe Support Advisor detects problem?



I suggest to let you to re-download the file and make sure that it has the same size with their current file posted. Your internet connection may cause the abnormalities (corrupted) of the file. If it does not work, try to close other application and retry.

If you are using windows 7 or 8, run it as Administrator.

And also make sure that you have a stable internet connection or download the a newer version at this link.

I hope it can help you to install this adobe product.


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How Adobe Support Advisor detects problem?


The ASA or Adobe Support Advisor is an AIR-based program that examines system information and installer log files. It is a small program that investigates failed installations of Photoshop Elements, Creative Suite products, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Technical Communication Suite, and any downloads done from the store. It identifies the errors encountered during failed installations.

This program reads the installation log file of the program and provides direct links to support articles that contains instructions on how to solve the identified problem. It will also help you if you need any assistance from the Adobe technical support. It gathers the entire relevant technical information about the installed Adobe application and your system.

The collected data can be uploaded directly to the technical support team. You don’t have to worry of purchasing it because it is totally free. It is available in 2 versions, for Microsoft Windows and for Mac OS X. The file is actually less than 10 MB. To download, visit Download the Adobe Support Advisor.

After downloading the file, install it, and then run it. Follow the succeeding instructions.

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