How to add mp4 screensaver win 7?

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Hi guys,

How to add mp4 screen savers win 7? Can you give me a step by step process on how to perform this kind of application? I want to venture and learn more about this I am using Windows 7 operating system I hope there is a feature that will allow to add mp4 screen savers win 7.

Thank you guys.

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How to add mp4 screensaver win 7?


To add a MP 4 file as screensavers first of all a video screen saver is required. Get this from Microsoft resources. Install the application. Now follow the simple method by which you set a photo as screen savers. Perhaps you do it by right clicking the desktop, then properties and screensavers.

You can do the same by launching the installed program from setting button.

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How to add mp4 screensaver win 7?


Hi Curtis,

I have an effective solution for you. I tried the following steps and I successfully had MP 4 screensavers on my computer. I provided you some screenshots for easy reference.

1. Install Windows Photo Gallery if you do not have it on your programs. You may get the application from. In Windows 7, you can have a video screensavers from Windows Photo Gallery. Hence, you need to have this application on your computer.

2. Right click on the Desktop and choose Personalize.

Install Windows Photo Gallery

3. Click on “Screen Saver”.

Change Screensaver in windows 7

4. Click the dropdown arrow and select Photo Gallery.

Screen saver Settings in windows 7

5. Press the Settings button.

6. Click the radial button for “Use photos and videos from”.

Photo Gallery Screen Saver Settings

7. Press Browse button and find the folder that has your MP 4 video.

8. Press Save.

9. You may Preview the results.

10. Then, click Apply and OK.



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How to add mp4 screensaver win 7?



Adding mp4 videos as screen saver in windows 7 is easy.

Follow the below steps.

1.       Save your mp4 video in a folder.

2.       Now, right click on the desktop and select personalize.

3.       In the personalize window select screensaver as shown in the figure.

personalize window select screensaver

4.       In the screen saver window select the screensaver to photos from the drop down box.

5.       Now click on settings and select browse option.

6.       In the browse option select the folder which contains your videos.

7.       See the below image.

Save your mp4 video in a folder Thank you.

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