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Analyst and some expert stated that  "honeypot" and "suicide code" is best software in removing all traces of Flames that are presence in a certain machine or PC.

My friend's PC was infected by this Flame virus we want to remove and to fix this problem. How to have this Honeypot and suicide code?

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The “honeypot” is a fence in situates to detect, deflect and some approach neutralize attempts at unauthorized use of in sequence systems. 
There are two kinds of honeypots, these are Production honeypots and Research honeypots. 
Generally, honeypots are weapons aligned with spammers; honeypots recognition systems are spammer-employed counter-weapons. 
There is an advantage in having several easy-to-detect honeypots deployed.
“suicide code”
There is no information yet on Flame malware genesis. However, the convolution of the attack and the existence of 'suicide' code to eliminate itself from targeted systems. 
The malware is mostly active in the Middle East and North African systems. This malware active with the premier meditation of infections establish in Israel and Iran. 
Microsoft released a disaster update last weekend. This is update to address the malware. There are using an imitation certificate obtained in a cryptographic collision attack.