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Can anyone explain about ‘ATLAS’? Who can I use it? Is there any academic reference of ‘ATLAS’? Can it execute on my OS and hardware? What is the license used by ‘ATLAS’? What is the purpose of using ‘ATLAS’?

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Help for Qualitative data analysis software.


ATLAS is an abbreviation of Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software. ATLAS is both a research project and a software package. It is an ongoing research project that focuses on applying techniques in order to provide better performance. Right now it provides C and FORTRAN77 interfaces to work with BLAS implementation and few operations of LAPACK.

ATLAS can be used by anyone who needs fast linear algebra routines. ATLAS is used directly by many research scientists. Because of the wide availability of ATLAS, I am not sure how many users use it but here are few examples.

  • Mathematica
  • Octave
  • Absoft Pro Fortran

In BLAS it is used in

  • GSL
  • HPL
  • MPB
  • The R Project
  • Scientific Python

ATLAS is also included in some retail packages of OS

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