Help me fill in PDF fields from ms access

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Could you please help me with my dilemma using MS Access? What I would like to happen is to fill in PDF fields from ms access. The situation is, I have a PDF form, it has fields for Product Name, Product Price and Description. I have an existing database in MS Access where it contains the value of the fields in my PDF form. How can I possibly populate the fields in my PDF form using the values in my database in MS Access?

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Help me fill in PDF fields from ms access


You may accomplish this with make use of hyperlinks.

Here’s how:

1. In a table add a field with the following attributes:
Field Name: Link To Pdf (you may actually name the field as you like)
Data Type: Hyperlink

2. Create your form
With the Form Wizard, make sure a Text Box is generated for the Link To Pdf field.
If the form is already existing, open it in Design View, then drag and drop the Link To Pdf field from the Field list to the detail area of your form.

3. Open the resulting form, in Form view. You may now enter the file path leading to the file, proceeded with the file protocol standard prefix (file://)
e.g. file://c:filename.pdf

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