The operation on the OLE object failed

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Great day to all.

For past days I always encounter an error message. This error message is about an OLE object failed. I managed to repair this error days ago, but it is always coming back.


Microsoft Office Access

The operation on the OLE object failed.

The OLE server may not be registered.

To register the OLE server, reinstall it.

The error message above is somewhat recurring already. In the past days, I managed to get rid of the error by re-installing it. And now here comes again the error. It will just last for couple of days and back again with the same error message. My question now is how should I fix this error that it won’t come back again. Please do make some comments on my issue. Thanks.

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The operation on the OLE object failed


I am trying to place a photo record inside a database file. When I perform the actual procedure, I get these error: "Operation on the OLE object unsuccessful. The particular OLE server might not be authorized. To subscribe the actual OLE Server, re-install it.

What should I do today to repair this problem?

The image is within bitmap file format. There are two common reasons for this problem:

Repeat creating with one's desired image publisher, e.g. Paint.

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The operation on the OLE object failed


Hey Lancegreat,

This error is the reason of inserting some image/picture to the Microsoft Access database field.

Just to update you that no more Microsoft Access support OLE features and now, new features have been introduced for image/ picture handling into Microsoft Access and that is ACE.

There could be other two common causes related to this error which could be resolved by the following:

  • First check the antivirus of your system. maybe it prevents you to insert any image into database and evaluate it as Trojan attack.
  • Second, you should check whether the image editor you are using is registered and any image which has been edited is in proper supported Microsoft Access images.  

Hope these solutions will answer your query.

Have good day.

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