Headers in the C++ programming

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What is <stdio.h>header means in C++ and what can this do to the said program? And additional examples of a header.

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Headers in the C++ programming


Hi Conan and generally the simplest language C++ is a language that is developed from C which is a programming language that is developed at AT & T's Bell Laboratories of USA in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie who Designed and written it completely and C became popular due to its ease of use and advantages and extra features are added to C++.

As the header files are very important as they play a major role in the programming and <stdio.h> is the header file used for loading all files into the program related to that as it contains many of the standard input and output files.'

So that the files may be used anywhere in the program rather than using each and every file we are using that header file and its very important that many of the header files are present as folllows..






and many more not only these there are total 29 header files as per last year and now it may be increased by adding new one and this is the brief view of header files.

Thank You.

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Headers in the C++ programming


Hi there , 

I think you need help regarding the header files in C++. 

All the statements and keywords that you use in C++ and other easy stuffs like power , square root methods doesn’t belong to the original C class.So you have to import it from the library. These header files are pre written files to help you in doing the stuffs more easily and to make the methods more easier . Like it is hard to find a square root of a number and also for concatenation of two strings. So we have different functions for it.

Examples are <stdio.h>



Hope you are clear with my solution and your problem is solved .

Good luck.

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Headers in the C++ programming


TechyV is really the best in helping problems about the tech world. Thanks Hoting Gracia and Lesten Pasio for your solutions! Now I know what the header means. Thanks!

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