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Hello guys I need help my HDD partition show unknown. I had a Desktop PC with 80GB HDD and Windows XP Pro. I purchased a new Desktop with Window 7 Operating System and disconnect the HDD from my old PC and connect with new Pc via IDE cable. Now problem is the HDD shows unknown partition and I cannot noting but delete partition. Please help I did not take backup and need all these data back.

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Hello brother

                          I hope you are fine.Do not worry, first of all you have to check the jumper settings of your the jumper on another port, then check it again, it will display the partition(Jumper is small transistor type thing, located back side of the hdd).And If it does not work, as you have already format your old hdd, again format it while connecting it with new pc.

Hope it will show the hdd.Then download icare data recovery software from  to recover.