Expansion of C drive for refreshing the PC

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I have an HP laptop having Windows 8 inbuilt. There were so many problems with it that I called up HP Customer care and asked for the solutions. All they could help is to tell me to refresh my PC. I was shocked by their response but as they were the only ray of hope for me, I tried to refresh my PC as per their instructions. When I clicked on the "Refresh PC" button, it shows a pop up message that it need 27 GB more space in C drive to perform this operation. I have allocated 100 GB to my C drive and it's almost 93 GB data in it. I tried to empty some space but all I could manage is 88 GB. I don't want to remove the softwares in it as it will effect my business. I need these softwares on daily basis. I asked the customer support about expanding the space allocation of C drive, but they denied to tell anything as it is not in their guidelines to tell user about changing the memory allocations of PC. They said it could crash the whole hard drive. 

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Expansion of C drive for refreshing the PC


Dear Finlay,

First of all download the "MiniTool Partition Wizard" software (latest version) from following website.

https://www.partitionwizard.com/ . This software has freeware version and will work on any windows 7 and 8.

After installation you will have the interface as shown in attached figure 1.

Then follow the below instructions.

1. To increase the size of C drive (system drive) we must first free some space from other drives. Therefore select any other drive which you think has some extra space to be set free. In our example , I have choosen drive H.

2. Now we have to mention that "how much space we want to get from the other partition?". In our example, drive H has 13.20GB  free / unused space available. To make free space unallocated (so that we could allot it to C drive), we will drag the black arrow on left towards right as shown in figure 2 and 3.

3. Now free unused space will be appeared as shown in figure 4.

4. Now we will select Drive C to resize it and click on move/risize from left menue

5. Drag the red arrow from right to left to extend the partition size as shown in figure 5 and 6.

6. Click on apply as shown in figure 7. System will reboot and all the changes in size will take effect immediately without loosing any data.



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Expansion of C drive for refreshing the PC



Windows 8 is a good OS for its data management. You need a good tool to clean-up your system and expand the C drive space as necessary.

First, take a look with these good clean-up programs. I’d like to recommend CCleaner, Wise Care 365, TuneUp Utilities etc. They’ll remove the unnecessary files from your C drive and make the drive slim.

You can transfer your software installation to another drive, for example, from C drive to D drive. This will allow the programs to run directly from the different drive and won’t fill up your C drive.

If no solution, you should learn how to expand the C drive.

1. From Start menu, type “disk management” >> hit Enter.

2. Right-click on any partition >> select “Shrink Volume”.

3. Enter the amount of shrinkable space from the partition. Note that it’s in MB and 1GB = 1024MB.

4. You’ll see the free space as “Unallocated space”.

5. Right-click on C drive >> select “Extend Volume”.

6. Give the whole unallocated space added to the drive.

Now, you’ve got more space on C drive.

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Expansion of C drive for refreshing the PC


Hello, How are you? You can expand C drive by using Windows built-in Disk Management utility. Windows 2007, Windows 2008 and Windows Vista have this option. You should maintain the following steps to expand C drive:

Step 1: Install and launch EaseUS Partition Master.

Step 2 : Apply “Resize/Move partition” function to shrink partition of E drive to make the unallocated space for the partition C drive.

Step 3 : Enlarge C drive using “Resize/Move partition” function.

Step 4: Then Click Apply. This is exactly it.

Moreen Jamnelly.

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Expansion of C drive for refreshing the PC



As your C drive occupies much space, you may try to see whether there is any Temporary file inside the Temp folder. Temp folder is located in the Windows Directory. How to reach as below.

1.Double click on My computer.

2.Double click on C Drive.

3.Double click on Windows folder.

4.Double click on Temp folder.

You may remove any files inside this folder.

Another way to get more space is, you can use cleaning soft wares to remove the unwanted files ( I mean dump files ) which get dumped in your C drive. One kind of such software is ccleaner.


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