HDD Lock on my new 1TB Eaget External Harddisk

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I recently added a new 1TB HDD to my computer and my list of drives show the Eaget and a list of other devices with removable storage. I have noticed that one of them is indicated as ‘CD Drive EAGET’. If I click on this, it gives me a list with Autorun, Eaget icon, HD lock app and a HD lock image. I thing HD lock is a kind of harddisk encryption that needs a key to make it work. This is good but also very bad if it I lose the key, therefore, i do not need it in my computer. Is there any way that I can delete the four items on the removable storage list? By doing so, would I cause any problems?

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HDD Lock on my new 1TB Eaget External Harddisk



Your external HDD is manufactured by Eaget and it contains a default partition for storing the “HD Lock” app. This could be removed but might be risky.

1. Start an elevated Command Prompt.

2. Run the following command:

list disk
select disk #

Where # indicates the disk number of your external HDD.

3. Then, keep on running these commands:
create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=ntfs quick

Now, your HDD will be totally wiped and will have a single place for storing data.

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HDD Lock on my new 1TB Eaget External Harddisk


Nope, unfortunately, you cannot do that. That other EAGET CD drive you see on the list of storage devices is the external hard drive’s ROM drive. It is built-in and runs automatically with your external hard drive. Because the CD drive is a ROM or read-only memory, none of its contents can be deleted. It stays there for good. That ROM drive contains the driver for your external drive.

When you connect the external hard drive for the first time, the driver from that CD drive needs to be installed to use and make the external hard drive function at its full capacity. If the driver is not installed, the external hard drive will function much slower than its designed speed.

Though the data transfer will still depend on the USB port where it is connected, when you install its driver, the transfer rate improves a lot. My sister’s 256 GB Western Digital external hard drive also has a ROM drive which also contains the driver.

If you don’t install the driver, the ROM drive will keep prompting you to install the driver every time you connect the external hard drive to your computer. It will only stop prompting you once the driver is installed.

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