Issues on Replication Data in P2000 G3

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I have two storage area networks here at my office. All we want to  know is to replicate data on these storage networks.

These are P2000 G3. Replication works fine when data is accessed at one end by exporting the replicated image from the secondary volume or by mounting the secondary volume on desired end.

But we need help as there are problems when the data is replicated back from the destination to the secondary drive. It is very important to implement live replication of data from the destination back to secondary storage, but the following error occurs when we try to replicate the data back to the storage media. 



Unable to set primary volume to REPTES01
Unknown Error (00cf11ce140000c6cd064f01000000)-Failed to set primary volume of replication set
00c0ff10f0d8000031cd064f01000000 to 00c0ff11ce140000c6cd064f01000000: Changing view volume not found in replication set
Unknown Error
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Issues on Replication Data in P2000 G3


First of all, please do keep in mind that if the data that you are trying to copy is opened or being accessed on both the primary and secondary systems, then you can't perform the replication process while it is in this state.

If the files are being accessed or opened, then you cannot do any action until they are closed.

So make sure that the data is not accessed on the primary device.

After that, start the replication process and do not access the data at any point from the primary device.

Keep the processes going on. Wait for it to finish.

Now you can access the files on both the primary and secondary.

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