Having trouble with my iPad 3 battery and charging time.

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Hello experts,

I have an iPad and I recently updated to the latest iOS. Since then, I started getting some Battery issues on my device. I can use it when it is connected to the power outlet but when it is not connected, the battery energy signal is getting some error. But I noticed that this started after the update. If I connect it to my computer, it cannot be charged. But iTunes can still recognize my device and I can still sync everything. So I am thinking that this issue is due to a failure in the recent iOS update. What should I do with this now? DO I need to revert to the old iOS version?


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Having trouble with my iPad 3 battery and charging time.



Here I am to provide you with ideas and solution for you to solve this problem.

As a Apple user, you must face the reality that any Apple products will use many power to operate as it needs for many applications that use internet, wifi, games and many more.

My suggestion to you is that you should just charge your iPad 3 overnight, during your sleep time. This might help to refill your battery because it needs about 5 hours of charging time to be full.

In order to reduce your battery power assumption, you should use less brightness of your iPad 3. This should help.

The error of your battery notification is always interrelated with product itself. Thus, I suggest to you that you should go to the service center.


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