Having problem with QuickBooks 2012 Vendor 1099 report

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Hello everyone, I was trying to use 1099 Wizard on my QuickBooks 2012 to produce a report.

But when I tried to do so i have got the following error from Intuit app center.

Any idea about how to fix this error?


The page you have requested does not exist.

Error ID:uv5qi2fk2c1nt0wz5vdi3ips-15333500

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Having problem with QuickBooks 2012 Vendor 1099 report



If this is what happened after trying on the wizard, maybe the server was temporarily down the time you access it with your program. Try doing it again after a couple of hours. You should also check if your computer’s internet connection is still active so you can be assured that this is not a technical problem on your part.

Check again the internet cable at the back of your CPU if it’s well secured on its port. Try browsing some websites to see if you are able to view even a single page. If you verified that there is nothing wrong with your computer’s internet connection, try accessing it again with your program then see what happens. If it’s still the same it’s possible that the page you are trying to reach was already been moved to a different location that’s why it’s inaccessible. Just trying visiting the “Intuit App Center” again, this time using your web browser, if you know the web address.

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