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Procedure on how to unlock pattern code from HCL ME TABLET U1?

Or how to hard reset?

Thank you very much.

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Have you read the manual?

If you didn't then I'd recommend you read it.

First of all there is a reset button which can only be activated with a pin or similar objects.

Just take a pin and push it in a slight angle of 30 degree. It should reset immediately.

And if you want you can boot into recover menu and wipe the cache and dalvik cache .

It will restart and be patient. It will take some time to boot up. 


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Since you have an HCL ME U1 tablet, I think it would just be the same as with the HCL ME X1. I think the problem with this piece of device, since there are some users who already bought and used it is that, it doesn’t include the Android Market in the pre-installed applications of the tablet. Some users are complaining about the device because it doesn’t have the Android Market application which usually comes pre-installed in most Android-operated devices. In HCL ME X1 or HCL ME U1, you need to install it separately.

To hard reset the tablet computer, go to Start, Settings, System, and then select Clear Storage. After that, enter “1234” when prompted and then tap on the “Yes” button.

An alternative method to this procedure is to press and hold the left and right silver keys located below the screen for 5 seconds and then insert a pin on the hole found on the bottom part at the back of the device. Just follow the on-screen instructions after that.

If you want to install the Android Market application, you may visit for the instructions.

Sharath Reddy