Hard Drive (HDD) Possible Failure ?

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Here’s the problem:

This morning I fooled around in Windows and when I’ve rebooted my computer no service was available. (Remote Access Connection Manager) and thus I couldn’t connect to the internet. After a while I thought of reinstalling the windows.

When I rebooted and insert the DVD with Win 7 x64 I was surprised to see that during the booting it stuck at detecting SATA devices (AHCI activated)
(hardware: DVDRW LG // HDD Samsung HD753LJ of 750 GB. The DVD is recognized, but the HDD is not. However in the booting screen I can see both the devices I have. However, if I change from AHCI to IDE in BIOS everything runs ok.


I have tried all the settings I could think of, but nothing helped.

Here I have changed the HDD on port 5, and it got stuck before detecting the port. (No matter what port I use, it remains stuck right before detecting)


It might be the hard drive that causes the trouble? It seems that using IDE on BIOS slows down the computer performance up to 20%. It’s pretty annoying.

(My motherboard is Gigabyte P43-ES3G)
(And as a further note, my bios is updated)

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Hard Drive (HDD) Possible Failure ?



Hi Andrew!

With Microsoft platforms IDE settings on BIOS is recommended for windows XP and lower windows version  while AHCI settings is recommended for windows 7 and windows Vista. 

Improper shutdown most of the time is the main reason why computer hard drives crashed.

Now, with your problem that your hard drive was not detected try to unplug and plug back the SATA cable connecting your hard drive and motherboard as well as the cable connecting the power supply and hard drive. If hard drive is still not detected try to replace SATA cable.  Make sure that when you do these your computer must be turned off to avoid further problems.

If all these workarounds do not work then this is a hard drive failure.  You need to consider buying a new one.

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