Hard Drive Error ( Windows – No Disk )

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First I install some lower version of ghost in my system but receive error.

Now I download latest version of ghost from net and try to install it but I again receive error.

When I click at Continue button no action performed repeat same error again.

Detail of error is given below.

Windows – No Disk

            Exception processing Message 0X00000013 Parameters

            0x757992A0 0x0000000040x757992A0 0 x757992A0

                                                Cancel Try Again          Continue

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Hard Drive Error ( Windows – No Disk )


This error occurs mostly because of the installation and uninstalled of software which is trying to look for any removable disk or devices, that's not actually inserted. 

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Hard Drive Error ( Windows – No Disk )


Norton Ghost is intended for hard drive back ups. Just like Windows' System Restore where your computer can go back to its previous state if ever there's a conflict after your present installation or anything that went wrong, you can also do that with Norton Ghost. But, you cannot make a total back up of a removable device.

But instead, you can put the back up securely in a removable device such as Blu-ray Disc.

I think what happened here was that you downloaded and installed the new version of Norton Ghost without first verifying that the previous installation was uninstalled properly. But it’s common to programs to perform their own automatic removal of the previous version for upgrading to a much newer version.

If the previous version was properly uninstalled, then you might have an unstable or unsecured cable connection inside your CPU. Check the cable connection of your CD-ROM, it might have gotten a little lose.

Do a thorough check on the power supply cable and the ribbon cable of your CD-ROM and make sure that it is inserted properly.

After checking the cables, try reinstalling Norton Ghost.

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Hard Drive Error ( Windows – No Disk )


The Error Stop 0x00000013 is due to a hardware or driver issues.

To fix this, perform a restart when the BSOD appears.

To fix this:

  • Try to remember what is the last thing you do before the BSOD because it might be an issue with the recent changes you made. If it is, undo the changes by restoring your system or run the startup using the last known good configuration.
  • Next is to check on the available space on your partition. It is sometimes the cause of BSOD especially when there is no enough space on your primary partition.
  • Perform a scan on your computer. Check for any viruses that might infect the Master Boot Record (MBR) .
  • Install the latest service packs and updates.
  • Ensure that all the cables inside are properly seated.

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