Guide SEO with relevant Terminologies

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Can any one guide me about SEO. I am absolute new and have no idea about anything. I want to get into it with all my courage. I want to be acknowledged more than the introduction & to the extent of industrial exposure.

Let me know with the learning material, efforts i have to put & minimum time of getting expertise. The terminologies WHITE,GRAY & BLACK HAT are little confusing to me. My background is development based.

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Guide SEO with relevant Terminologies



The best way to learn SEO is by actually doing it practically rather than theoretically studying it. As SEO is constantly changing processes so you cant just follow certain book that will teach you SEO because it might be possible that one trick that was very effective at the time of publication.
Their is a possibility that same trick could hurt SEO at the time you are reading the book. The main reason behind is "changing mechanisms of page evaluation in search engines". Here is the best starting point that can help you to get started and clear many questions.
In order to gain in depth knowledge; its better that you should know Complete HTML (including doctypes i. e. why and when to use what doctype, HTML validations) development experience is optional but definitely not required depending on your practice, three to six months are more than enough to learn complete SEO.
White hat = honest way.
In shortest words it means only using ethical ways for implementing SEO and following guidelines properly. Black Hat = unethical waysi.e. Finding and exploiting weaknesses of search engines to gain ranking but it will blacklist your site and could cause total de-indexation from search engines as it involves kind of doing fraud with search engines.
Gray is between these two.
I personally recommend you to stick with white method. Its indeed slow but your efforts will not be wasted and it will benefit you more in the long run.


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