GUID error from an invalid authorization merchant

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Hi experts,

When I opened my PC this morning this error appeared and nothing happened after I click OK, but keeps appearing every time I open my PC. Can anyone help me please to fix this error ? Should I be worried about ?


0: Status: [8] Authorization Failed (0: [1] Invalid Merchant GUID [7D13AB6C-DEFA-4F0E-B7FD-21343B6FB2VE])


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GUID error from an invalid authorization merchant


If the error always appears every time you start your computer, the first thing to check is the name of the application. If you can’t find the name of the program that causes it, you can find it among the startup programs. To check which program is causing it, click Start, Run, and type without quotes “msconfig” then hit Enter.

In System Configuration Utility window, select Startup tab. Uncheck the first item on the list then click OK. Restart the computer then check if you see the error on the screen. See image.

If you don’t see the same error after unchecking the item, repeat the steps to go back to the Startup tab. Check the item you unchecked earlier, uncheck the next item then click OK. Restart the computer. Repeat the steps until you see the error on your screen. When the error finally appears, go back to the Startup tab and check the path of the item you unchecked.

If you are not using the application, uninstall it to permanently remove the error. If you still need the program, try reinstalling it. Uninstall the application first, restart the computer, and then install it back. Restart the computer after the installation and verify that the error no longer appears.

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