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The last day I did buy GTA IV and GTA IV EFLC on the season Sales. I attempted to install it extra than 50 times and all time receiving the similar errors (View image below) me and one of my friends did all operations for instance updating drivers, download patches, install Windows Updates, change Launch Options but all things which we perform as a result of failure.

From my steam library I clicked on the button to play of GTA IV EFLA and I received following error message:



EFLC FATAL ERROR: XNetStartup failed – Please re-boot your system and/or re-install the game

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Hello Paul,

You should check your system requirement if they are accepting the one given by the game then this is the solution. In steam, right EFLC and choose Properties click the Local Files Tab and verify the integrity of the game cache. If this solution doesn't help you than your problem is in your computer specifications they are not very good to accept this game.