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Hi folks,

please allow me to post my problem here in Microsoft Office Groove File Sharing. An error message appeared on my screen and informed me about some compatibility issue. See the screen shot I pasted, below.

Microsoft Office Groove

Groove File Sharing workspaces are not supported on 64 bit operating system.

This problem all started when I shifted to Windows 7 Pro 64bits. Earlier with 32bits there was no problem. I also saw somebody using Microsoft Office Groove File Sharing on a Windows 7 Pro 64bits.

I can't figure out what I missed, or do I need some other files in order for this to run on Windows 7 Pro 64bits.

Please share your thoughts on my issue, thanks.

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Hi Helen,

File Sharing workspace for Groove does not support 64-bit operating system. You might want to use SharePoint Workspace instead. It is developed to run in 64 bit operating system. But I would recommend to use Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC. Windows XP Mode is a virtual machine package for Windows Virtual PC with the capability to run 32 bit applications. So in this way, while still having Windows 7 as the main OS you can still run 32 bit applications like Groove. Windows XP Mode was intentionally developed by microsoft so that users would still be able to run older applications at their convenience in a 64 bit operating system.

Hope this helps.