Gray checkerboard background in gimp

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Hello experts!

Truly I used very small tutorial learning. I wanted to learn more and found some error.

“Grey checkerboard background in gimp indicates transparent.”

That’s the thing you would like to do for the majority part of sins textures. Zombies R Us has this tutorial I set on the weebly which displays many ways to work with gimp for SoaSE.

Then as I opened one of those files and stopped Alfa layer (eye is still there but channel is no longer highlighted). Chose paint brush tool and colour red.

Now I am able to paint over the existing icon with the help of Alfa layer.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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Gray checkerboard background in gimp


Normally the grey checkerboard background represents that you have a transparent background and when you save it, it will get either a white background or nothing at the back.

There is no need to worry about that, just make sure that you have'nt selected the transparent background option.

When you create something new, scroll down the options and look for any option that is defining the background color or image or anything related to background. Choose a color there.

Finish the options and start it. Now whatever you do, your background will not turn grey again unless you use the background eraser tool from the software.

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