Graphic card error while playing game

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I installed OFP few days ago.

When I was playing the game exits to desktop giving error;"Cannot create 3D device. ADAPTER 0.


Any ideas what it is?

I know I can just restart but maybe this is a message telling me the problem why my PC keeps restarting and games exiting.

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Graphic card error while playing game


I strongly recommend you download the specific video card driver for your graphics card. You might have the generic windows driver which does not fully support all the settings of your Graphics card.

I suggest you go to this link and have the website scan your graphics card to find the right drivers.

Please see the guide.


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Graphic card error while playing game


Your post says that you are already playing Operation Flash point when the error occurred. It means that your video card is not using Windows’ own primary video driver and your NVIDIA video card is already installed and using its own driver.

You cannot play any heavy 3D game if your graphics adapter is only using the primary video driver. Windows’ primary video driver doesn’t have 3D acceleration capability and cannot resize the screen. The display is fixed in the default screen size and playing a 3D game is not possible because it cannot resize the screen.

I think your video card is overheating or in the worst side, it’s about to fail.

Overheating is common to NVIDIA graphics adapter that’s why it uses a cooling fan.

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