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The NAGC loads up with no problem. The problem starts to show up when I try to log on and connect to the server.

The Grand Chase would not load up successfully and would close 20 seconds after it was opened.

There is a prompt on the screen, but it is blank. I have tried to run and install it as an administrator, but still it is not working. It has been working without any issue since it was installed several years ago. It was only recently that the problem occurred and kept on prompting.

Can someone help me with this problem? 

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There you are, just as I suspected. If you are saying that you were able to play this game before without this kind of problem, it might be because you are using a different operating system then. I’ve checked the game’s system requirements and I presume with the information you posted, you made an operating system upgrade on your machine. It seems that you are not using Windows 7 before when you are playing Grand Chase. To make it simple, the game Grand Chase is not compatible with your current operating system.

The Grand Chase only works with Windows XP regardless of the Service Pack it is using. You can check the system specifications of the game by visiting this page:

To play this game, you need to change your operating system back to Windows XP. But if you are sure that you were able to play the game in Windows 7, the problem could be caused by your graphics card. You should update your video card’s driver to the latest release.

Sharath Reddy

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Hello Anna,

If you have been able to play this game before then there is a high chance that you might have made some changes on your computer that led to the error that you are getting right now. Or there might be some windows system files on your computer that are obsolete and therefore they cannot support the game. I will suggest the following two workarounds:

  • First of all, try running system restore. This will get rid of any changes you might have done to the computer that are causing the error that you are getting right now.
  • If system restore does not work, you will need to try running windows update so that new system files will be downloaded to replace those that are out of date.

Hope this helps.