GPG map marker ai help

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How does the AI uses various map markers?

How to place the map markers?

I have been trying to use the map markers, but I have not succeeded.

How to do this?

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GPG map marker ai help


The Map markers are used to set up the AI functions in the game, this involves to the place where will they spawn build and to move from one place to another.

These map markers are used to make the AI move and think like the player.

The Map markers are used to set up the AI functions in the game

Some of them are the ff:

Starting Locations (Purple rings)

The radius of the rings keeps the AI at bay, it does not move beyond the ring until the No rush timer expires. You can adjust the radius making bigger or smaller depends on your preference.

Movement marker

Out of all the markers this one is the most important and time consuming creating and arranging. Depends on you if you want the AI to smart and sneaky when attacking, you can create complex paths to make the game hard or a fairly simple one. It has options on how will the locations be approached.

Remember the more complex the pathways are, the less time will the AI consumes its time finding other routes on its own.


Air nodes – Pathways used by air transports, bomber, etc. At times gunships, bomber and the like don’t follow these nodes, this are only used for long routes.

Water nodes – Used by naval ships, make sure to put it away from the shoreline.

Land nodes – The most complicated because most obstacles and battles happened in land. Just make sure to provide complex pathways to ensure a smooth movement of units.

Building marker – The points here the AI build other bases beside the main one. Depends on you how many.

Transport marker – Marker that lets the AI place its air drop units, but land nodes are more followed.

Mass points and Hydrocarbon marker – Resource points.

Combat marker – Used by scouts as a place to gather data of the map’s area. Once gathered enough data, it is not used that much.

Defense markers – Used both of the land and naval units, at times used as checkpoints.

Rally points – Used to send units after coming from factories.

This some of the basic markers used to create the maps with AI. Try to use it often so you can be better accustomed on it.

There are also other versions of the map maker on the net.

Good luck!

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