SketchUp 8 Pro: Error Loading File ocean.rb, Undefined Method `GetString’ for nil:NilClass

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Hello to all Sketchup Users,

Whenever I open SketchUp version: 8pro, I get this message. Error Loading File ocean.rb, undefined method `GetString' for nil:NilClass. My operating system by the way is Mac Snow Leopard. I fear that there might be a problem on my Sketchup Installation or something got corrupted. This was not happening before. I really need this to work because I have to finish my 3d rendering.

Can anyone please give me some advise. I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.How do I fix this error message?

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SketchUp 8 Pro: Error Loading File ocean.rb, Undefined Method `GetString’ for nil:NilClass



How did you extract the files for the plugin? Sometimes extracting  files might be one of the reason why problem actually starts. Plugins must extract directly into the <Sketchup>/Plugins folder.

Ocean.rb is one of the plugins in SketchUp 8pro,  you open Sketchup 8pro and got the message:  File Ocean.rb undefined method `GetString" for nil:NilClass then definitely There is an error in the code of your plugin named Ocean.rb, Is this the only error you've got? If you know anything about programming,  try to change the code and I am sure you can fix the error. It is also possible that the errors are because of incorrect folder arrangement, folders must be on their proper arrangement.If you're not familiar with the arrangement, for better results, I suggest you empty the whole folder(Plugin),redownload the zip files if you already erased them and install the plugin again.

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