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I have watched the news from a certain source, that Google announced the new version of their Google map application service.

Stated that this will be available, and it can be use in offline services.

I'm looking forward to know  more about this and to have it

Is there any device that going to use to have this offline mapping services by Google?

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Yes, your information is 100% correct. Google has announced on 6th June 2012, that they are going to launch / provide revamped Maps which will allow the users having devices powered by Google’s’
Android operating system like IPhones, PCs, Android Phones etc., to select an area and save a local Map which will be available for viewing even when the user is on Offline mode.
This feature is extremely useful for travelers who do not have data connections available during their travel. Of course this application can immediately be active online as soon as any data connection like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPs is available. They have also upgraded their Maps with 3D view etc.
The details can be read here