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Google Maps 'Cube' game will bring you through the streets of San Francisco, downtown Tokyo and beyond.

It is a series of maze challenges.

Will this game works with other internet browsers?

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Google Cube looks like a little game of ball and labyrinth. The aim, therefore, is to move a ball through several streets to reach a destination on the integrated plan.

To do so, you must take different routes and find the right compromise between speed and accuracy.

Once the plate is completed, the game will display your score.

But be careful because if the first few levels are easy enough, it will quickly become more difficult as you progress through the game after a moment, for example, you will find yourself faced with axes equipped with variable speed.

And much to tell you now, take the fastest routes will not necessarily be the best choice since you'll lose a lot more accurate.

To play Google Cube, you need a browser that support WebGL, these are: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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