Google Chrome Bookmarks in Mac & Windows out of sync

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I was able to install Google Chrome to both my PC and Mac and had successfully synced them both including the bookmarks. But hours later, I was very surprised to see that my bookmarks had changed it settings and were not anymore synced on both my computers.

No one else for sure had messed with them so I cannot suspect someone else making all these changes. I hurriedly stopped syncing, deleted web data in the default application support of Google Chrome and restarted my computers. But everything is just a failure and I was just rewarded with an error message saying:

Error Message: OFFLINE_UNUSABLE Unrecoverable error detected at /b/build/slave/chrome-official-mac/build/src/chrome/browser/sync/glue/[108] Observe: Unexpected notification. Extensions installed: n/a

I’m sure I did something wrong. With my Mac OS is version 10.6.8 and my PC OS is Windows XP, I just don’t know what. Please help me.

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Google Chrome Bookmarks in Mac & Windows out of sync


Hi Cynthiya,

I have read and understood the problem. Here are some solutions that may help you.

1. Make sure you are running the latest versions of Chrome both in Windows 7 (64 bit Chrome 16.0.912.75) and Mac (chrome v 10.7).

2. Do you use 2 mail accounts to sign into your Google dashboard? Because it just messes up the bookmarks If you sign in using 2 mail addresses in 1 account. I personally had this kind of problem.

3. Did you logged into your Google account on another PC or machine, and forgot to logout? This common mistake can cause this kind of problems.

4. Uninstalling and re-installing chrome on both machines can also help.


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