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Just recently, Google launched it's own laptop, the Google Chrome. Does it really require internet for you to access all your files and programs? If so, will the render the laptop useless if you are not connected to any Wifi or internet? What then are the advantages and disadvantages of the new Google Chrome Book?

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Hello Tinrcruz,

Google Chromebooks has some advantages and disadvantages which totally rely on your working environments. Hence I did more research on Internet and finally found some points related to the merits and demerits of Google Chromebook. I found that Google Chromebook has faster bootup and Google id login where no need to configure anything. It serves time sync and cloud computing. Also it has some disadvantages such as limited OS, no printer driver, and different keyboard layout is required.

Hope these points will be helpful for whether you buy Google Chromebook or not.


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Google Chromebook is a standalone web browser which has some extra features that is needed to control a typical operating system. When you start it, you will be asked to sign in trough your Google account, and it will sync all bookmarks, extensions, apps and other Goggle account-related features. But you can also opt not to sign in using the "Incognito Mode" which is a guest account which doesn’t save history of everything you do. Having that said, internet connection is really important to use this machine.

Some of its advantages are the fast booting time, portability, long battery life, full-sized keyboard as compared to a modern tablet, VGA port so you can use external viewing through a T.V., and its ability to sync all your files from your Google account to the computer.

Disadvantages include the track pad which is hard to use, fingerprints can be easily seen, speakers are not sounding great, and the processor speed is slow.