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Is VLC player perfect for my operating system?

What makes it different from other media player?

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The VLC player is a one of the best media player available for windows operating systems. I assume your operating system is one of the windows versions (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7… etc.)

So if you use windows operating system you can use one of the VLC player versions available in the market. It is totally compatible with windows operating systems.

Not like other players VLC player support many formats of videos. That is the most important thing about VLC player. That may be the reason for popularity of the VLC media player among a lot of person all over the world.

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My personal think VLC player is not a perfect player. Because it not support many kind of video format codec. Like .flv  .jsc .mkvg etc.

So I would not prefer anyone that VLC is not a perfect player for operating system. I personally like "Strom codec classic player" that is support any kind of media file and play it perfectly.

Even show the albums frontpage image.

Its really cool player. I think, use it only one time,

Hope it will use you lifetime..!

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Media player is a one type of computer software which play computer's media file audio/video. The media player which play only audio file is known as audio player & the player which play video file is called video player.

A good media player is necessary for computer because it is related to the computer operating system if the media player do not maintain it's duty properly the computer system would be hang which results  that we may loss any necessary data.

Different media player is capable to play different types of media file 3GP/ AVI/ MPEG4/ TX/ VOB and so on. But a specific media player is designed for specific types of media file such as windows media player is specifically used to play 3GP/MP4/MPEG4 file although it is capable to play about 50 types of media file. If the media player is not compatible with the operating system the operating system may falls into many problems.

So that A GOOD MEDIA PLAYER is necessary for computer.

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Apart from being a free software, VLC player is a versatile music and video player.

It plays many file types that even windows media player cannot play.

I guess you have encountered this error while using windows media player.

Currently vlc is available for Windows, MacOS X, Ubuntu and Fedora Operating Systems and supports the following input formats: mpeg (es,ps,ts,pva,mp3), avi, asf / wmv / wma, ogg / ogm / annodex, mp4 / mov / 3gp, matroska (mkv), real, wav (including dts), raw audio: dts, aac, ac3/a52, raw dv, flac, flv (flash), mxf, nut, standard midi / smf, creative™ voice, voice.

There is no file type that VLC player cannot play as it needs no codec packs, it can also stream and media convert from one media to another.

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It is a good choice for using VLC Media Player because it is very powerful and simple.

It has ability to play thousands types of media files that many player can't. It doesn't make your system overload.

Also, here are some other features which has made VLC awesome.

Top 13 Benefits and Reasons for Using VLC Media Player

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