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I am interested in learning VBA.  

I've been using macros for a while now in Excel, but I don't know how to edit macros in the VBA window.  

Is this kind of programming something that I should learn in order to advance in using macros with Excel?  

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Visual Basic for Application (VBA) is a scripting language behind Microsoft Excel macros. The basic use of VBA and macros in MS  Excel is through macros recording, which the codes are automatically generated based on the actions and manipulation of the user, recorded as a macro. For example, when the user record a macro for adjusting the width of column A, the code generated is:

Sub Macro1()

    Columns("A:A").ColumnWidth = 14.43

End Sub

Obviously, the programming language used in Excel macros is BASIC, specifically Visual Basic. A knowledge in Visual Basic is a plus.

However, studying and experimenting with the generated code is not difficult and will help you learn easily. An object browser in the VBA window let's you browse the available members, properties and methods of a certain component that are available to use in composing macros with VBA codes. Press F2 in the VBA window to open the object browser.