Getting last fm played #s

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Hi friends,

I was trying to install media player for my system when installing the plug-in I get the following errors on my screen:
Error #500

Error #500 – Microsoft VBScript runtime error

Variable is undefined: 'fso'

File: "C:Users          AppDataRoamingMediaMonkeyScriptLastFmImport.vbs", Line: 85, Column; 0


Thomas Dolby – Jealous Thing Called Love – MediaMon…

Variable is undefined: 'fso"


Are there any necessary steps required before installing the plug ins? I have written the following code in VB under this plugin:

Dim oShell : Set oShell = CreateObject( "WScript.Shell" )
Dim ScriptFileSaveLocation : ScriptFileSaveLocation = SDB.ScriptsPath&"LastFmImport"
If Not fso.folderexists(ScriptFileSaveLocation) Then <– Fails Here
End If
I am using OS windows 7 64 bit and media monkey:
Looking forward to your suggestions.
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Getting last fm played #s



Please do not make all the serialization code using Java Script Serialize.
Follow the code as it is coded below:
 public J son Result Team Info( string team Name)
      return J son (new Team Data Access() Team Info (team Name), J son Request Behavior. Allow Get);
$. A j ax ( {
                url:' Team/ Team Info /'+team Name ,
                success:function (data){
                    $ ( ' # team Details ' ). html( data ) ;
                    alert('Load was performed.') ;
                    $ ( " # dialog-modal " ) . dialog ( " open " ) ;
            } ) ;
Hope, this will work.

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