Getting IIS 7.0 FTP error message

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I am an IIS FTP user. I am getting this error message: “Not enough storage is available to complete this operation”.

The site under which I am getting this error is running under IIS 7.0, after waiting for about an hour or two this problem fixes automatically.

Can you tell me what the reason for this problem is?

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Getting IIS 7.0 FTP error message



Hello. There might be a client site error.  Please follow the steps given to check what exactly caused the problem.

Choose any of the following below :

1.    Minimize the number of executing programs

2.    Eliminate inappropriate files from the disk.  Reboot the system

3.    Please analyze the paging file for any input / output (I/O) error

4.    Please install extra memory in your system

In order to identify if there are any issues regarding Disk, RAM, CPU and Network, please do this step. On the server , click and open Performance Monitor  . Next,  execute the “performance” user define data collection for at least 20 minutes.  Please make sure you have sufficient disk space on the server.

If you doubt the server, please follow these simple steps. Click setup the “Performance on user defined data collector and executes for more than 30 minutes. Finally, a report on server issues will be generated .

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