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Because of trying to compress or extract files from main partition, I am getting this error: 

"Cannot modify volume"!

What could I have been doing wrong?  Please give me some suggestions on how to solve this.  Thanks.

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Volumes are only possible in WINRAR archive format. You cannot create zip volumes.  Your problem is, that you are going for modification in volume. Remember WINRAR doesn’t support adding, deleting or updating a volume. Since, volumes are distributed archives in different drives or diskettes.  For modification or any change in a particular volume you should unpack the volumes or extract the volume.  Volumes are solid and self extracting. please note that all volumes together can unpack and if we are talking about single volume, it can only extract not unpack.

To unpack, you need to collect all volumes from different drives or diskettes and put them in a single folder then start extracting from the very first volume. Make changes in your desired volume and then make another split archive.

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7-Zip can also compress files and split them in volumes. If what you are trying to do here is to extract or uncompress a volume where the files are splitted into several smaller volumes or several smaller archives, make sure you start unpacking from the first file and the rest of the archives go automatically. You don’t need to unpack each archive because it’ll not work.

Normally, a volume compressed into several smaller volumes will have files like for example, chair.z01, chair.z02, and so on. In this case, you cannot unpack “.z01” or “.z02” because they are part of a bigger archive and will cause you an error if you do so. To extract the volume, start unpacking from “” and the rest of the files will follow automatically.

Also when unpacking, try saving the unpacked files to a different drive to have less complication especially if you are doing it on the system drive or the main partition. Your system’s security might interfere with the unpacking process and prevent the files from extraction.

Sharath Reddy